Tips on how you can make your map better!

Feel like your map is boring? I have a few things I could give you that can help that map feel more interactive! Credits to Mysz guide, as it inspired me to add on, and you can find even MORE ideas!

Now, lets get started!

  1. Add some interactions!

Make it so you can interact with your surroundings. Like smelling flowers, random enemies that can pop up to give you a good scare, or make it so you can even chop down trees and get resources! Make it so you can have more goals to do in the game.

  1. Add more things to do.

This is kind of going off number 1, but here’s what I mean. You could be beating your game wayyy too fast, Then, it will feel boring. Add replayability! Add multiple endings, badges, (If someone could make a badge guide that would be AWESOME!) so that they have actual completion in the game, so they can go around and do stuff.

  1. Add more decoration or props!

Sometimes I would make a map, and it would feel dry. Something feels missing. Well, maybe its the decorating part. Add more props, or sometimes have less. Sometimes more is less, and less is more. Space them out evenly.

  1. Add some npcs or lore!

Let’s say you have a car driving simulator. You can make it so you can interact with npcs, or lets say you have an open world RPG. Add some lore! Make it so they can connect the dots and solve that puzzle!

  1. Question yourself. Is the game too difficult or easy?

If its too easy, then make it more difficult. Tweak things. Too difficult? Make it so it’s easier. If you can’t figure it out, always ask a friend.

  1. Add random events!

It can add to the fun of it! Let’s say you’re strolling through a village, and they’re being raided! You can save them and get buffs or rewards!

Maybe add events so you can have absolute chaos, in a good way, and fun one too. Like a wild fire is burning down a nearby forest, or a random npc approaches you and ask you to help them.

That’s the end! I hope you got some ideas! And huge credits to this guide, it inspired me You can even check out that guide too for more ideas if you haven’t started a map yet but need an idea.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you can maybe take this instead consideration if needed, and can improve your maps to be fun, unique, and exciting, while making your audience interested and captivated!

there are already ~10 guides on this.


Oh… My bad… maybe I didn’t look hard enough to find them :frowning: