You want ideas? I got ideas!


Let’s say you are bored and want to make a gimkit map! Well there are three things you shouldn’t do:

  1. Post another help topic
  2. Spin the wheel (You might end with something you never liked)
  3. Tell everyone in a guide about ideas that these ideas aren’t fun

So, I made this guide and will keep adding more and more things to this guide. There are 3 ways to spark creativity…

Previous Map Ideas

*The Wonka maps…
Wonka Map Tutorial

*The Super Bowl LVII

*A minigame map where you can vote for a seperate map (courtesy of @That_guy)

*Minecraft (courtesy of @JDAT_Is_Cool)

*RPGs (courtesy of @Bobthebuilder123)


*Among us

You could use this to make your own maps based on this, or you could just follow what they did.

Play around

Add devices and props and jumble stuff around to make a map

This is best for creativity and originality. It gives you something fun to do, because sometimes it gets too hard for you to follow any guides.
(If you ever use this and want to share a map, you can ping me on the discord, or email me!)

Mix some games up!

Play some games that you and your friends like and combine your favorite parts of it to create a gimkit map!

This is honestly my favorite one, because you make something you really like, and you build some skills! You can even put your block coding skills to the test!


Have you finally realized how many ways there are to find map ideas? If you have more map ideas, or strategies for making maps, comment below and I will add them.


minecraft knockoff

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Is this a game idea catalog, because if it is, it should be a wiki.
Sadly, you are not a regular yet. So you have a editing limit.

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Yeah, I’m very confused on what this is…


These forums are to help, not to rant ideas willy-nilly! (Learned that from a German in '42)


Now check.

Did you know this is a wip? (Learnt that from my brain)

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I think you should add rpgs, those are imporrtant


Although, he needs to wait 30 more days (he met the forums for 70 days, well for now if you’re seeing this in the future) to make it a wiki. He’ll still have time.


One idea could be a map where you have multiple game modes. You would basically have a lobby, and then a place to select a game mode, and after a while the game mode you’re in can end. Allowing you to move on to another one.

That’s just a character, not a game…

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Ahh! Let me be creative!

An honest sorry

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you


I like your idea, @That_guy

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Are you sure about that young man?


Bruh, why does my teacher want to play Blooket?

Back on topic, guys.

That includes me.

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You started it.

So you go back on-topic


I bumped into a Skibidi person and found this post!

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Rest in piece @Bobthebuilder123 you will be missed, He left an impact on this community, for keeping his age a secret for 5 months…


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