I want to make a new gimkit game but I need ideas

I want to make a survival type of game like minecraft or something like that. Ideas are welcome!

Snowy Survival but in the Desert. Just make a twist on some normal Gimkit game.

A bit a thanks


like you survive sentry’s or what?

like a survival game kinda like Minecraft or Raft

maybe a survival game where u r trapped on an island?

just ripoff gimkit’s snowy survival, and make it better. maybe make the map larger, add power ups, that kind of stuff.

ya sry I don’t have to many ideas

When i mean survival game i mean like Minecraft or on an abandoned island :confused:

island survival game!

For @Captain-Gim

I like your new PFP :slight_smile:

Crafting table/recipe, craft keys. Use different keys for different reasons:

Green: Heal and shield
Purple: Gadgets
Gold: Resources
Blue: OP/miscellaneous

Maybe try making some sentries that are friendly and don’t try to harm as well as some that do.

Maybe have a game where there are two teams one is a bunch of sentry’s and the other is gims and they have to fight each other in an arena and each time you respawn you get a worse weapon

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how about youre on a spaceship, and you crash on a unknown planet and have to try and get back to your home planet?
(so basically pikmin.)

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good idea i might use that

Here are some guides on that

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To go with @speedy_kd4 ('s) idea, maybe the keys can also unlock modules to different rooms. Maybe destinations? Sentry guards from the ship itself?

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