Specific map ideas to build


Do you know the xy plane? Anything on that is in Euclidean geometry. Non-Euclidean would be something like spherical geometry, where you can have a triangle with three right angles in it.

Oh, I get it!

Let’s not get off topic!

can you do a map for dead by daylight

dead by daylight isn’t really an rpg tho

How about instead of having somone trying to sacrifice you make it like the seneteries trying to scarifuce you

@Bobthebuilder123 already said that, I can’t add it again!

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It doesn’t have to be a RPG.

That’s too similer to your other idea

Yeah, i realized that, i just saw that that was what the theme was.

Those were exaples! :man_facepalming:


Let’s get On-topic

Any more ideas? Also, BUMP

2 teams with occupation points all along the map which you have to occupy, these occupation points regenerate health and ammo. The team with the most occupation points wins

Sooooo, like a battle royal with points you have to reach?

Yah that’s what I’m saying it would be awesome if someone made that



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