What kind of game should I make.?

I don’t know what kind of game to make and how to make one, but I will still try but I will make it I just need two things topic and maybe lore i just know that I will try my best for the gimkit community and please send video titles of videos how to so my game could be made faster slightly_smiling_face- DOMdom

What game should @DOMdom make?

  • Survival Game (like Minecraft)
  • Platforming game Batlle Royale
  • Day in a life simulator
  • A day in a life of a prisoner
  • Battle Royale (not platformer)
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There’s already a guide on this but here you go (btw it’s in community made guides, I’ll post it here too)

Platformer games

Floor is lava
Only up

Top down games

Horror games
Capture the Flag
Freeze Tag
Free for all
Snowy survival type game

Also here’s the guide.

I set a poll for you email me, so I can help you later on making the game!

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Ok, the votes ended.
Email me for help on making the game! :slight_smile:


That’s a lot of guides…

Yeah, lots of guides indeed
@That_One_Gimkit_Guy sure
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(Sorry for being off topic but how do I get in the ummm MOEG by chance? and yes I for some reason do read bios.)

I honestly dont know what the is.
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Oh I should probably say welcome to MOEG since I’m MOEG commander

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You are…

I got to say thank you I know this sounds cringe, but I didn’t think that many people will help.

A graphing calculator game.
(If you want to try a difficult project that makes you think outside of the box, that is).

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I’m sorry but I don’t need help all I need is a guide I swear everyone who gave ideas and more will get a to be shouted out in the game, but I have to wait a little of the game sense i don’t have enough gimcoins to put the game public.

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or well i can let you help sense idk how hard it was going to be oh https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/u/That_One_Gimkit_Guy can you not commanding but can you make me a thumbnail and anyone can give me tips on getting gimcoins quick. Oh and just let me tell my code here i am just a lil kid with big dreams

You mean gimbucks?