How to make a Keep-Away Game

So before I start, I want to thank @CringeKarlScott for help with the mechanics and @Haiasi for a lot of help with debugging. Now for the steps.
Step 1. First place a button and make it’s settings look like this.

Step 2. Create an item granter that gives a gimfish and make sure it’s settings match this.

Step 3. Next get a lifecycle that activates on game start and transmits on the channel, “start”. Link a respecter that activates when receiving “start” and repeats every 0.5 seconds.

Step 4. Place a checker and make it activate on “check” and checks whether or not a player has a gimfish. If the check passes, have it transmit on “follow player” and if it fails transmit on “nothing”.

Step 5. Place a waypoint that tracks a player. Name it whatever you want, I personally named it “leader”. Set it so it follows player on “follow player” and stop following player on “nothing”.

Step 6. To make it so it gives points when you have the gimfish, go to settings and set it so the leaderboard tracks energy. Then set a repeater so that it repeats every two seconds and activates on “follow player”. Make sure that when it repeats, it transmits on “score”.

Step 7. Make an item granger that grants one energy and activates on “score”.

And that’s all!


If any one could tell me how to make them drop the item on death that would help. I’ve looked through some guides and they were patched.


Nice guide! This is a cool idea!

has anyone grabbed my idea for ghost in the graveyard??? I am making that guide right now and I swear if someone…

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I know a way on how to, make text boxes and use the ghost emoji, then place a few down and have them flicker between eachother so it looks like a few of them are flying around. But great guide @WhereIsMyHat! Sorry for being a bit off-topic.

That’s not really what ghost in the graveyard is though… search it up!

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Oh its a real thing, i thought it was and idea…


Nice Guide!


Oh its a horror film, i don’t watch horror so I did not know.

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No, I’m pretty sure it’s a playground game.


Cool idea, nice. I like the amount effort you put into the guide. Good job!


Thank you for the help with debugging!


It is a playground game, not a horror movie my goodness… I don’t watch horror movies


you mean granter?

good guide though, thanks for crediting me

(you never marked a solution on your help post though :sob:)


Lol that’s funny.

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how is this off-topic? It’s related to the guide.

Nice guide!

No you can’t. That’s why I couldn’t. That only works for sentries.

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Nice Guide! I’ve always wanted for someone to make a keep-away game…

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