Ghost in the Graveyard (wip)

This is a wip! I’m not done yet!!! It’s also a wiki BUT ONLY FOR ME TO EDIT!!!

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Well, it’s time to make another guide! Welcome to Septdraconian Ghost in the Graveyard! In case you didn’t know, ghost in the graveyard is a game in which one player is the “ghost” and they go off and hide somewhere. Then all of the other players count to midnight, and then go out and look for the “ghost”. Whoever finds the “ghost” yells “ghost in the graveyard” and alerts the other players. The “ghost” comes out from their hiding spot and chases all the players down. The players run back to their base, but if anyone gets tagged by the “ghost”, they become the next “ghost”. So! Time to make this in Gimkit.

The Terrain

Always start a guide off right by placing terrain down! Yaaayy…Yeah, decorating is often the most boring part of the game unless you’re a designer and love to do all the fancy schmancy detailing. Anyways… time to start!

First, you need to decide on the theme of your Ghost in the Graveyard. There are many ways you could go, so here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Outer space (ie One Way Out, Level 6 Don’t Look Down)
  • Snowy forest/wasteland (ie Snowbrawl, Snowy Survival, Level 5 Don’t Look Down)
  • Farmland/plains (ie Farmchain, Snowy Survival, Level 4 Don’t Look Down)
  • Echo vs Vortex (ie Capture the Flag, Tag Domination, Snowy Survival, Level 3 Don’t Look Down)
  • Medieval (ie Level 1 Don’t Look Down)
  • Undersea/beach (ie Fishtopia, Snowy Survival, Level 2 Don’t Look Down)
  • Whatever else you can think of!

Once you fill your graveyard area with terrain and props, it should look nice and clean, not cluttered with too many props, but not empty either.

Btw if you make this game, feel free to add a photo in the comments of your terrain and I’ll update my guide to include it! (Not too late tho, otherwise the editing limit will run out….)

Teams and Bases

Now that you’re done with the terrain, it’s time to add some walls so the players don’t escape randomly. Get a Barrier or two or three or four and make the visibility 1%… They can’t see it now, can they? Make them really thin and place them right outside the edges of the map.

Now, go into settings and make the teams cooperative. Now, add a Lifecycle device and set it down somewhere that it won’t get in the way. Get a Relay (Single Player) Once you’ve finished that, wire the Lifecycle to the Relay in which when the lifecycle senses game start, it activates the relay. Then, place down a Team Switcher device and change it to team 2. Wire the Relay to the Team Switcher and make it switch the player’s team when the relay receives a pulse. Next, place a Popup (wired to the relay) that says something like this:

You are the ghost…hide among the various props and things in the Graveyard until you see that a player has called “Ghost in the Graveyard” and chase down any player you see

Now, place a Spawn Pad down where you want to put the players’ bases. Make it team 1 and game only. Place another Spawn Pad wherever you want the “Ghost” to spawn, preferably somewhere near the players’ base, but not too close.

Once you do that…place down a Lifecycle(Game Start) and wire it to another Relay(All Players on Specific Team [Team 1]) Wire that to a Popup that says something along the lines of:

Yaaaay you’re a normal person! Once it is midnight, go out to look for the ghost, and once you spot them, press the button that says “Ghost in the Graveyard” and that will make them able to tag you so GET BACK TO BASE IMMEDIATELY!!

Midnight Count and Ghost in the Graveyard Mechanics


Now, place down a Game Overlay set to the following:


(Ghost in the Graveyard)

When pressed, transmit on channel “Ghost Spotted

Get a Notification and set it to:

Header text: “Warning!”

Filler Text: “Ghost spotted!

Type: Error

Notify when receiving on: “Ghost Spotted

Get a Tag Zone and set it to:

Activate when receiving on: “Ghost Spotted

Deactivate when receiving on: “Player Tagged

Get a *Knockout Manager”, set it to:

(Player Tagged)

Transmit on channel: “Player Tagged


Oh my god! This is an amazing guide. Just think of the games that can be made with this.


Wow! I hadn’t even thought about this before! Can’t wait to see it finished…


It’s about making a specific game :skull:. If you just have pre-made nice guide things, don’t post it at all.


ooh, this looks great so far! cant wait to see it done

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Alright, alright. I didn’t mean it that way, I just liked the concept of it.

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@GimSolver check foxy’s padlet I gave you the answer you were asking for

Also, there is a way to make barriers invisible! So you could do that instead!

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Also, does the knockout manager work on tag? I didn’t think it did @The_7th_Dragon

Edits and Corrects Mistaken capitalization…

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I have no idea. This is all in theory. I haven’t tested it out in Gimkit yet…

Gotcha…. Anyway, I just made and published a game with this idea, but I credited you @The_7th_Dragon for the idea, if that’s ok. Otherwise I can unpublish, if you wish

Oh, I don’t care, its just an idea!

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How will the players find the ghost? Like, what if it’s hiding behind a prop?

Then go behind the prop…

But like… If you can’t see them, how do you know they’re there…

By checking there?