Building Ideas for My Game

Hello! I’m new to this community and browsing to get around. I’m making a summer-themed battle game and would like some help, if anyone doesn’t mind!:beach_umbrella:

If you can help, here are some of my questions:

**How do zones work?
**How do channels work?
**If possible, could you give some prop and theme ideas for my game?

If you can please help, It’d be greatly appreciated!


Here’s some of my map.
*It starts from the bottom!


You can do lots of stuff with zones! For example, you can detect when a player enters it and broadcast on a channel when it happens. You can also turn off item drop in there and turn off shooting.

Channels are like wire repeaters without memory. You can “broadcast” on a wire and receive from a wire on that channel.

Welcome to the forum!

And for your ideas…

Alright! Thank you! I will make sure to read the editing rules and read these amazing guides! This will help me a lot! Oh, and maybe showing pictures will help, if anyone’s interested.

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Sure! It can always help!

Welcome to the forums, @California_Love!

Welcome @California_Love!

Here are some ideas: Shop, team base, a heat thing where you have to rest under a umbrella to cool down, sentrys to attack you, a buyable heal, killing gives you money. These ideas only work for a battle royal game, but you said it was a “summer-themed battle game.”

Oh my gosh, thank you! I’ll use this! I’ll share it when done! :smile:

You cant game codes are not allowed, but if you have your answer, please remember to mark a solution. And welcome to the community!

Welcome to the forum!Here’s an answer to some of your questions!
Zones are used to detect when someone go’s in the zone or out of the zone and send on a channel.Channels can be used for a lot of things.An example is that when a sentry is knocked out (A sentry is like an evil plant from one way out), it transmits to a counter that increases when it recieves from the channel!
Hope I was helpful!

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Also, dont forget to mark a solution!

Welcome to the forum, @California_Love!

Oops, Sorry! I didn’t mean it like that. I meant pictures of what it will look like. Oh, and this solves my question! Thank you!

Oh, no worries, your wording was a bit confusing, but your all good.

Welcome to the forums, @California_Love !
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