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I’ve recently completed my game, Farmers’ Quest which takes up 99% memory. It’s an RPG game, that many users on the forum such as @WhoAmI, @NavyCatZ, @LxmasHaxTakis, @Vortex-Mist, @Geoffrey.Nafeygmail, and @MrNobody2 had helped me with. I made a lot of mistakes in my first RPG game, so I’d like to share with you what to do in your RPGs.

P.S.: Thanks to Math Thrive Tutoring for playing my game, lol.


My game was full of mechanics, which depending on what they are, can be a good thing or a bad thing. Here are some tips:

  • Try not to throw every single mechanic into your RPG like I did.
  • Try to add some cool mechanics that you’ve never seen before, like a Merchant.
  • Try to animate things, like how in my RPG I animated crops growing.
  • Try to make some mechanics look as real as possible. You won’t always get a fish when you go fishing, so how about there’s a 10% chance you don’t get a fish?
  • Try to add rich and smooth interactions with the characters that almost resemble real life.
  • Try to balance your mechanics, or make them almost the same level (I didn’t do this until Math Thrive pointed it out, but please do this).


I didn’t add many quests, which I regret. Here are some quest tips:

  • Try to make the quests rewarding.
  • Try to aim your quests toward different genres (like fishing and fighting).
  • Try not to basically give the same rewards over and over again (I didn’t do this).
  • Try to make the quests challenging, but not impossible.
  • You can add as many quest lines as you want, make it great!

Dialogue and Characters:

The dialogue aspect was pretty easy for me, but here are some tips:

  • Try to make your characters rich and full of personality.
  • Try to make your characters appear more than once.
  • Try to give your characters homes.
  • Try to sprinkle in some side characters to make the game more like real life.
  • Try to make the dialogue almost sound like real humans talking.
  • Ask yourself, “Would someone usually say this?”.
  • Use banners and call-to-action buttons to resemble talking.
  • Use sentries as characters.


Balancing came difficult and hard for me. I would recommend doing these:

  • Make sure your mechanics are balanced.
  • Make sure your game is playable in one sitting (It took 1 hour for Math Thrive to finish, and almost 2 hours on his first run).
  • Make sure your enemies aren’t overpowered.
  • Try to give your players a reasonable amount of profit after doing mechanics.
  • Try making boosts and incentives which help your players do better.
  • Try giving your players tips on what to do and good ideas in the beginning of the game.
  • Try to add scaling, which is making your enemies grow stronger along with you.
  • Try not to make the players too overpowered.
  • Try not to make the enemies too overpowered.

The Storyline:

I think my storyline was fine, it fit well. Try to make it better with these tips:

  • The storyline should usually come with a nice conclusion (or cliffhanger, if you’re a different species).
  • Try not to change villains too often.
  • Try not to make the players too good.
  • The villain… should have at least some logical reasoning!
  • Don’t kill off characters too easily.


That’s all. This is a mini-guide, of course.

Good luck, and happy gimkitting!


Nice guide!

This is actually great! The reason he couldn’t add quests because his game was 99% memory, which wasn’t enough to make quests because 1% isn’t enough.

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I like how you used your own experience to help others, as that is what this forum is all about. Nice mini-guide!

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Okay, I watched the video

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I might have to go play it now, when I have a few hours to spare :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Awesome guide! (I might need this guide for my next game)

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You got Math Thrive to play your game? How? What’s the secret?

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I submitted it to him and told him it took up 99% memory (i think that’s a good bait).

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I submitted mine about two months ago, describing it as (multiple proof of concepts). I have not gotten a video.

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Oh well, mine takes 1 -2 hours. Also, what was your game about?

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Did you use the google sheets or his website?

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I used Google sheets, and my game was The Arcade.

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Oh, well he only uses the website now.

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He gave up on Google Sheets now, instead he’s now using this

Submit the gamemode there

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I deleted it…

I’ll remake it eventually.

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@mysz I watched the video, it’s an AMAZING game! I never knew it was that big!

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Ikr! I also played the game with mysz, we beat math thrive’s world record in an hour and 52 seconds!
Although, my game… isn’t in the list yet. I don’t know if he declined it…

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