My RPG map help

Does anyone have a map template i could use for my RPG game?

Try this!

a map template seems a little pointless, you would have to rebuild it in your map just by looking at it, since you can’t import stuff into a gimkit creative map

but thats what i wanna do

pretty sure that guide basically talks about everything but the map

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use gimkit’s gamemodes as inspiration

ive read that but it dosent help me with my map issue (no offense)

Ok, so what theme is your map, because I am the GKC map guy.

village theme thing stuff

ok, so I would make dirt roads, snowy grass, contreat as sidewalks, brick homes with wood floors, froxen lake as windows, and use all 3 different types of trees to give detail and use trash bins and benches as well.


how to make the dirt roads look GOOD c

I will posta photo if you want?

yes plz and thank you

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No problem, and give me a sec…

This is very basic and took me no time to perfect, but here is the jist. Use layars, and road with dirt to make the road.

can i use smth else for the concrete?

Oh yeah, its your map not mine, I just like things to be realistic so thats what I used, so feel free to do so.

but what to use its a town so I kinda don’t want concrete

Yeah, that is ok, use what ever you want.