Any map ideas worth building?

Please I am bored out of my mind and I want something fun for my class.

Dungeon Crawlers?




this will basically help you a lot…

be sure to mark a solution if you found something you like @j4x50n234 !

You could try building Among Us maps like the Skeld or mira HQ, I’d say Mira HQ is decently easy.

Try this, its like the ultimate guide of ideas.

Thanks. I’ve tried my best on it.


Try these guides! They all have great ideas, I am sure one will pic your intrest.

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Im looking for something a whole class will enjoy playing together or against each other.

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Maybe a battle-royale?
Look in the battle-royale tag.

How about a team deathmatch?? I made one and it was pretty fun B)

I have tried but could you help me?

The wixite got blocked on my school chromebook so I can email you the code.

sure!! <— my email

i sent it!!!

thanks! I’m active now!

Maybe a stadium? try that!

how bout devices and stuff

i gave you permissions