Question for people because im dumb

I need ideas and help with something
The ideas i need are like mini–mini games.
and the help i need is how do i make a secret room that you have to go inside a bookshelf and put in the right code to get to it.

Look for community guides on how to make a code. I will reply with one once I find one.

Here is how to make the code.
Or just click this:

Im not exactly looking for a code, I know what im doing for a code, i mean the secret bookshelf part…
Im gonna use a questioner for the code.

Go to the idea-catalog tag for ideas. Or use these guides: Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)
Ideas for guides or game to make [Copied from LegoBuilder's Original Guide]
What Game should I make? How about one of these: (@JoeTheChicken's Map & Theme Ideas)

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You can make a teleporter device, teleporting you to a room with camera views.

Ok, thank you for the help!
I will try that.

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The questioner wont work if you publish it because the host would use their own kit.

No, its not to be published, its just for fun for me and my friends.

Okay, the questioner will work fine then.

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