How to make a code door with buttons 🟨 4/10

You will need at least 2 buttons
Property Device
Triggers equal to the amount of buttons
optional Pop up device x2 for letting the player know if they got the code right or wrong.
So first, you will set up the area. I personally used metallic dark for walls and metallic light for floor.
So you want to make it so the buttons disable after being pressed.
Screenshot 2023-09-05 10.59.07 AM
Screenshot 2023-09-05 10.58.33 AM
the only values you need to change are the actual property numbers.
The 2nd image is for the last button.
So in the end it should look similar to this but with the amount of buttons and triggers you chose

If you read the whole guide thanks for reading!


Nice Guide @Graystripe!

:+1: nice job

I bumped into all the buttons. but i got the code wrong. :frowning:

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Could you also do this with a questionnaire text input…… wait a minute….We can do text input… With the kit….

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im relly confused on this

You could just use a questioner with a specific kit hooked to a barrier since it’s much simpler.
You can use numbers instead and if you get the first digit correct, you move on to the next one.


same im really confused

you make it a code or somin or you just have to get it right

Another solution: a questioner.

BUMP also, I’m so confused you never told us abt the property settings or trigger or whatever I’m so confused

Amazing guide, but as others have said, a questioner would be more simple and better looking. Still, great work!