Building Game Theme/Building Ideas

I started work on a “tycoon” /building game but I am stumped on A theme and a building design. If anyone has any ideas that would be great :smiley: (I also made a working building mechanic if anyone wants to use it, I will post another post on that)

Try this!

try making a big structure using tiles like planks then use snow or anything thats white for body make sure its top for droppers and use an overlay as tracked item for cash make vending machine of ur choice then next place a repeater and trigger aand lifecycle wire lifecycle to repeater then change setting of repeater to task interval to every 0.5 then stop strategy to after recieving on a chanell and wire the repeater to trigger change the setting of trigger to trigger delay to 3 seconds then place down a item granter and wire the trigger to item granter next change setting of item granter to cash and 500 cash per each.

Great Idea Thx alot!!!

no prob l - l (gotta use this for 20 limit)

You could try a evolutionary theme, such as starting as a shack, then upgrading to a skyscraper or something.