What should I make my Gimkit map of

Please help me give me ideas of what my Gimkit map should be of besides shooter games

Infinite List Of Game Ideas/Themes:

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Screenshot 2023-12-16 12.47.17 PM


Seriously guys, this happens WAY too often

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agreed, @GimSolver. It gets pretty annoying.


Great ideas how would I make the pushy thingy from Sorry on Gimkit so when you step on it, you jump up and random number pops up and you can move your peace

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Thank you so much I just started playing gift kit a few HOURS AGO

Yeah I mean we all had question like that before

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Okay thanks this help alot

Not to be rude or anything but I’ve never had a question like that. But yes everybody has made mistakes.

All right guys Off-topic

Alright guys question

Monopoly or


It happens a lot, but people just don’t care. If I didn’t care about the forums, I wouldn’t search stuff up.

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make a game where you try to kill a


or maybe make a


game, idk there are some posts called map ideas to cure your boredom

uhhhhh how about a game about the history of something that interests you? Like Pokémon or how newspapers were created or about how different dog breeds were made, etc.