Fun games to play

my friends and i are bored, any good recommendations? there is 5 of us

this is off-topic so maybe mark a solution or delete this

you can look in the discovery page, there are a lot of good games there

I think there is like a trending page in the discovery so maybe look there?

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Infinite List of Game Ideas:

If you are talking about the discovery page, this is a bit off-topic.
I suggest you try out Gim Dungeon by Wumpus, ClicClac’s GK8 map (Gimkit/Mario Kart 8) and @WhereIsMyHat’s Gimong Us demo map.
(Wonder when he’ll finish it…)


Those guides should work. Mine has umm… I don’t remember ideas on it, Joe the chicken’s has good specialization, and Rusty’s is good.

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Please don’t do that here. It’s advertising and begging.

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Yep those will all work.

I’m mostly on mobile, so I don’t have time. I’ll finish it later after the holidays.

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its not even my game its a fun one i found

Yes, but it is still off-topic. Plus, you’re begging for solutions.

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Can you please delete both of those comments?

It’s not infinite.

It’s a joke lol.

face palms :man_facepalming: -WhereIsMyHat


It’s just saying it’s long because I put a lot of effort into it.

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You and the community!
Wait, why is this marked off-topic?

can i make a post about what custom gims i should make next

It doesn’t really relate to anything to building maps in Gimkit Creative.
Also, I think the author (OP) marked it.


Because they are asking for games on discovery.


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No. Unless it’s in GKC you cannot.

Seriously, you’ve been flagged many times, please stop asking or posting off-topic behavior, otherwise, you might get banned.


raw? what do u mean ss