How do you make waves as in a zombie survival? like wave 1 has 1 zombie, etc

I need help with gimkit creative devices for making my new zombie survival alpha. I need help making waves of zombie with numbers as in wave 1 has 1 zombie wave 2 has 3 wave 3 has 5 etc. I need help

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these resources can help you:
try using one of these guides or realted:

then, after doing so, add zombies to the survival game and implement waves and such

i also found this guide as well:

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Welcome to the forum! You can connect the sentries in wave one to a counter (sentry defeated → increment) (ideally use channels so you can easily copy and paste the sentries) then in the counter, set it to have a target equal to the amount of sentries in wave one. Connect the counter (ideally using channels) to the sentries of wave two (target reached → activate.) do the same for the rest of the waves, and make sure sentries that aren’t a part of wave one aren’t active on game start.

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