How to make a Survival Game where you NEED a few things to survive | Difficulty 4/10

Okay, so I hope everyone has heard of Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft. As you know, for Minecraft, you need to keep your Hunger Bar up to survive. In some modes, you may even need energy and water too. Well, I’ll be showing you how to install this into your OWN map(Warning, Wires, Wires, Wires, WIRES). In this guide I will only be showing how to install the need of water to ‘survive’.
Finished product will look somewhat like this:

The Basics

Place a Property Device, and name it ‘AmountOfWater’. Set it like this:

Place an Overlay, make it like this:

Make a block that receives on ‘RepeatCheck’.

Don’t look at the part with the Energy. Just look at the Hydration part. Done? Good.
Now make a counter like this:

Make a trigger like this:

The Wiring

This is for the triggering and stuff. Part 2 will be subtracting and dying. Part 3 will be the adding. Well, let’s get started with Part 1!

Place a Lifecycle and a Relay. You don’t need to edit any of that. Wire the Lifecycle to the relay, triggering the Relay. Remember that Trigger from the Basics? Get that. Wire the Relay to the the Trigger, triggering the Trigger. Place ANOTHER Trigger. Wire the Relay to this trigger as well. Set it like this:


Now, place a Checker. Set it like this:

Make a Wire Repeater Like this:

Wire the Checker to the Wire Repeater, with the Check PASSING.
Now, make a Popup that is something like this. Make sure to wire the Checker to the Popup(PASSING):

Make a Team Switcher Switch the player to Spectators. Wire the wire repeater to this Team Switcher.

You’re done! If you notice any problems or missing sections, notify me!


Amazing and ingenuitive!


This is really cool thx for making this guide.

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:smile: Thanks!


Also someone help me with the difficulty!


difficulty 3/10 because its pretty easy

I’m just going to put 4/10

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Wow, nice job, @Blizzy!

@mysz why

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Great guide!

Great guide! With the addition of a crafting table, you could actually make Minecraft!

This is a great guide! It also makes sure that people are very aware of their stats at all times so they don’t die unexpectedly.

Wait, question! How do you GAIN “Hydration?” I think probably put down a kind of lake terrain, put a button down that says, “Drink Water,” and hook the button up to that counter. Maybe? Idk

Maybe a river or a well could do. Like you said, a lake would work, too.

Thanks! Now, I can FINALLY make The Hunger Games! I read the books, and THEY ARE GREAT. For all you big-time readers out there, READ THE HUNGER GAMES


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This is a cool guide!

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I would if I were you!

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how do you run low on water does it just happen over time

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