[ 📰 Resources] Resources for Minecraft




Extra Resources:

If someone can make this a wiki I would appreciate it <3!

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Only a TL4, moderator, or administrator can make this post a wiki, a regular can only make their own post a wiki, so I am sorry. I would have done it but i can’t


This is a duplicate and is not needed

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I tried looking up Minecraft guides, but i couldn’t find a full one :frowning: Sorry for the mistake.

It’s ok! Thanks for trying tho.

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Can you provide the original guide, i can’t seem to find it and i don’t want @EGGacha to delete his guide if its not a duplicate.

It already has a guide for Minecraft resources in the guide so that’s why it is not needed.

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I added more guides than the original, I think. But I’ll delete it if necessary.

You did, but that is up to you to delete it or leave it as is. I personal would delete it because its a duplicate, but tell the other guide owner to add more guides to there old post.