How to make Minecraft trading System | Difficulty 1/10 {2nd Attempt}

This is so basic to do I am surprised no one ever thought of it

So first you get a button, overlay, Popup, checker and 2 Item granters

Next you go to icon image and type items/Green Seed in the popup

Now you wire the popup and overlay like this
Screenshot 2023-12-13 6.51.39 PM

now you wire it to checker and make checker look like this

and then wire the popup to a negative Item granter
and the item granter should look like this

Lastly connect it to the Other item granter that is not negative so if the check passes it gives you the item. and TA-DA!
if you don’t have the item It will not give you the granted item just like minecraft!

I hope you enjoyed this, This will help so many people I’m hoping

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