How to make Minecraft blocks (Difficulty: 0/10 or ⬜)

Here is how to Minecraft block.

1st. add barriers to make the block and make it small.
and take off the border

2nd. Then add more to make the block, I would use grid snap to 32.
3rd. Take of grid snap and match the color block and keep copying it over the color it is like this.
And that’s how you do it if you want let me show you cobblestone.

Pro tip: you can put another barrier on top of one to make it darker but it will take up memory
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Frist mini-guide tag and Minecraft!!
Let’s go!!

Cool! This can also be done using Pixel Art and placing a barrier on it. Once platforming gets added, this will probably be used in several CraftMine (Knockoff Minecraft) maps. Here is a link to a guide: Custom images with pixel-art in Gimkit Creative! [🟩]


thank you it will be cool with platforming

Nice Guide!

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i also made one the same thing but with text box

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The title is a little off, wouldn’t it be “How to make Minecraft Blocks!”

@Techno the game-design tag is unused.

what makes a guide a mini guide?

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Nice guide! Let’s stay on-topic.

Nice guide!

Warning: This DRAINS your memory.

Not really, they don’t cost much memory and you can resize it to make it bigger.
(Although I see how it can take lots and lots of memory to fill up your entire game with that plus building more blocks :trol:)


It barely takes up memory

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It takes up twice as much memory if you follow the “pro tip”


Ohh okay did not know I don’t see the memory alot

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Amazing! I love everything about this! Great job!


Get on topic someone could get flaged