How To Make A Minecraft Village: Difficulty: 1 to 3/10


@BurntSplip for normal house

Normal House

Hello gimkitters! today I’ll be showing how to make a minecraft house! it’s also what we call interactive!
first, follow this guide: this guide.
once you’re done, do this: add a invisible teleporter!

aw cute! my character is blinking! but now on topic.
make the room next!


the blacksmith is just a house with a oven outside!

make the room next!

and done!

Farm House

alr, thats good! now make another normal house (inside)


note: i deleted my old map so if you don’t see any of the other structures, don’t chat.
note: this church is only christianity, if you want to make a different one, go ahead, just give me credit for the edited church if you made a guide
alr, make this! btw add dirt for the shadow of inside

and make the teleporter!

you can make it bigger, ofc


no interaction.

thank you for using your time to read this guide!

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This looks like my post just add my credit for the house design please
Thank You

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Looks good, can’t wait for this to be fully completed!


your wait will not be long, my friend. i will be working on the blacksmith and etc on jan 18.


Keep going I need this Blacksmith design for my Minecraft spin-off that I’m working on. I’ll give you credit for the Blacksmith build. Also nice job so far!

thanks! the new update is coming!

Keep going you are doing pretty well so far!

alr, i haven’t added anything new in a while so i guess time to update it!

Nice guide! They look kind of small tho not gonna lie…but yeah, nice guide!

This is really good! Well done!