How to add to your Survival Bar | Difficulty 4/10

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In that guide, I added all the mechanisms of dying. Well, how to you not die? I will be showing you how to add to your percentage of hydration. You can implement this into other systems as well.

First, place an Overlay, settings like this:

Wire it to a Popup, settings like this:
Header Text: Eat or Drink
CTA Primary: Eat
CTA Secondary: Drink

We will be working with the SECOND Call to Action, Drink.

Wire your popup to another popup, like this:

Secondary Call to Action Clicked -> Open Popup

Now, this popup will be something like this:

The Content will ask if you have the items, and the Primary CTA will be Yes, the Secondary CTA will be No.

Wire this popup to a checker, with these settings:

You can require whatever items you want.

Primary Call to Action clicked -> Run Check

Now, wire this checker to item granters that will take away the required items, at the exact amounts, if the check passes.

Check passes -> Grant Item

Last of all, wire this checker to a trigger:

Check passes -> Trigger

The Trigger should be like this:

(What I used)

Or this:

(Useable, but won’t edit the counter, so there might be an error…)

One more thing. When adding, your Property, and your Amount of Hydration, might go ABOVE 20, or whatever your max number is. To avoid that from happening, add a checker that checks if the Property, AmountOfWater, is Greater Than 20. If so, when wiring this checker to the counter:

Check Passed -> Reset Counter

That way, you won’t be over hydrated… But, of course, if you want, you could just show a message that says “You are over hydrated”, and then you die…
Also, this Checker will check when receiving on our favorite channel, “RepeatCheck”.

You’re done now! Have fun making your Survival Game, and @ me if you have any errors!


Nice guide!


Great Guide @Blizzy! (But I had to skim through it because I’m busy soon will definitely read fully and use later.) Also thanks for making this amazing guide! I’m really glad you made it!


1: Nice Guide! (Ran Out Of Likes)

2: You might want to specify what wiring to put here, it is a little confusing for new gims.

Primary Call-To-Action Clicked --> Run Check


They’re the same Checker, though. But you’re right. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know, just a seperate wire so gims won’t get confused.


Amazing guide @Blizzy.


Wow, great guide! Keep up the good work!


@Blizzy it is’t working the way it should. Instead of the hydration stopping at 20 it will go above 20. Do you know how to fix this? Also for the popups should it also run a check when the primary call to action is clicked?

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Nice Guide!

ONLY READ IF YOU ARe BLIZZY (what's the point, I know more people will read it anyways because they want to,

This is why you’re one of my favorite posters (you, Haiasi and wingwave)


Yeah, you have to add a checker to make the counter reset.

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@Blizzy Add a checker where?

Great guide! I like the idea of a survival game in Gimkit, that might work really well in a platformer map!

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I put it in the guide.

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Thank you for adding it @Blizzy.

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But what about the “Yes” call to action. Do I also make it run the check that the “No” call to action does?

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No, you don’t. It’s supposed to let the player check.

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But in the guide it never mentioned the wiring of the yes call to action only the no call to action.

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Oh. Did I do it wrong? Let me fix it.

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Wire the “yes” cTA, not the no, so the primary

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