The ultimate guide for a island survival game! (Difficulty 4/10, lots of repeating)

This is a TUG on how to make a working island survival game, meant to be played solo.

The island

This is simple, set the map backround to water, and make the island, for this guide, make the islands small.

(I set my screen bigger so I could fit the island


This part is repetitive, I will show you how to make one tree.
First, you place a tree and a stump, make the stump under the tree and not visible on game start.
Screenshot 2024-01-03 12.27.04 PM
Then, place a button that says “chop tree!”, when you press it, it shows the stump and hides the tree, and it sends a pulse to a wire repeater with a delay of 5 - 20 seconds, when the repeater delay is over, you make it show the tree and hide the stump, also, add a trigger, not visible and can’t trigger by collision. When the trigger is triggered, it deactivates the button, and the wire repeater activates the button, make the button give you a brown seed (wood).

Now, do the same for berries, but make the tree a bush and the stump a berry emoji, and make the bush not hide, just the emoji. Plus, use a teal seed for the berry. Same for rocks, but make there be stump, and switch the tree with a rock, make mining it give you a black seed (rock)


This is the second most repetitive part of the guide, crafting.
Make you crafting table, I made mine like a minecraft one:
Screenshot 2024-01-03 12.41.03 PM
Make a button that says “craft!”, make it open a popup that says “crafting:” as a header, and “what do you want to craft?” as a content. Make the call to actions be “{insert whatever you want to craft here}” and “Next.” The “next” call to action opens another popup with the same thing on it, repeat until done. Place a checker that checks if you have the items, then, if you do, make it remove the needed items and give you the “crafted” item. If you don’t have the items, make a notifcation that says “you need more items to craft this”


Use this guide: How to make a Survival Game where you NEED a few things to survive | Difficulty 4/10

Boats and islands

This is not necessary to add, if you are not doing it, make the main island from step one larger. First, make zones all boardering the island, if you enter them, make them check for a blue keycard, if you don’t make it activate a border on-top of the zone, and send a notifcation saying “you need a canoe to travel on water”, then, if you have the keycard, nothing happens because you have a “canoe”. Then, make a canoe crafting thing, make it give you a blue keycard. Then, make other bigger islands, this encourages the player to get a canoe because the other islands are larger.


There are many guides on this, check one of them, then, make it so when night happens, plant sentries spawn. This makes night dangerous.

Sorry for the lack of photos, hope you enjoyed!

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Nice Guide! Maybe add links to the other island survival guides?


Why is this a :blue_square: difficulty?


It’s not.
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