The Ultimate Gun-Game Guide! Difficulty 7/10 or 🟧

Concatenation Warning:

This guide uses lots of concatenation. If you’re not familiar, please go to this guide:

Recursion Warning:

This guide uses recursion. Unfortunately, there is no guide on it, so hopefully you understand how the loops work.

Blocks/Properties Warning:

This guide heavily uses blocks and properties, so if you’re not familiar, uh… don’t look. Here are some guides to help you though!


Hello folks! In this guide, I’ll teach you how to make a gun game in gimkit creative. If you’re not familiar with what gun games are, here’s an explanation:

An amount of weapons (for this guide, 30) are chosen. When knocking other players out, players cycle through these weapons. The first one to complete one full cycle of 30 weapons will win the game.

Gun games are a fun twist on gameplay, so I heavily encourage to try to make one, so maybe you can play with your friends or people you know!

We’ll talk about basic mechanics, intermediate mechanics, and advanced mechanics that will all help your game deliver the richest experience possible.

Material List:

Want to see what devices you need for this guide? Sure thing! However, you might want to go step-by-step with the guide instead of placing down everything at once.

Lifecycle x2
Relay x1
Repeater x1
Item Granter x61 (It could be anything)
Property x41+
Trigger x13
Game Overlay x2
Counter x2
End Game x1

These are only the required devices, there are also some devices that won’t be required.

Map Options:

The game clock is off just so the game doesn’t suddenly end. Instead, the game should end when a player reaches 33 knockouts.

To be honest your game could have multiple teams, but FFA is the best if you want a quick, fun game.

I feel like 100 health and 0 shield is the best way to make knockouts easy to gain, which will make the game go quicker.
This is so players can see their knockouts compared to everyone else’s knockouts.
Ammo refilling can be nice, but I wanted to make this just like a normal non-gimkit gun game, which doesn’t use infinite ammo.

And that’s basically all for map options! Let’s start building!

Basic Mechanic 1: The Lobby/Tutorial:

This is a portion of a very simple lobby I created using some props, metal signs, and text.

The tutorial should be concise, and tell the players all about the mechanics of your gun game.

That’s basically it, put whatever you want in your lobby.

Basic Mechanic 2: The Map

The “Lab A” room

The map should be large, but not too large so your game goes faster. You’ll notice how I carried the theme of “lab” all across the map, which is something you should do. You can see that it is very detailed but still open. That’s what I think these kinds of maps should be like.

The “Material Management” room

We can use layering to make it look like items are on the shelves and the tables. Open the “Layers” tab and start experimenting now!

The “Lab B” room

Remember, rock props are always useful for games if you don’t know what to put. This lab goes off of the theme of “Plant containment”.

Those are 3 rooms from the many on my map, I hope you got an idea!

Basic Mechanic 3 (Optional): Buffs

Now let’s get into actual mechanics instead of map design. In this gun game, I realized that players were going too slowly and the game was moving too slowly. How did I fix that? Speed modifiers! If you give all players 1.4x speed, the game suddenly starts to go a lot quicker! So, how do we grant all players 1.4x speed? Simple. Lifecycles, relays, and speed modifiers.

Let’s place down our first devices- the lifecycle device, the relay device, and the speed modifier device.

What the lifecycle will do is detect when the game starts. Then, it sends a signal to the relay, which grants all players 1.4x speed. Let’s finish this up by placing these wires down:

Lifecycle (Event Occurs) → Relay (Relay Trigger).
Relay (Relay Trigger) → Speed Modifier (Set player to configured speed).
The device system

How about we do regeneration next? All we need is a looping trigger and a health granter device. Let’s use our relay from before, and wire it to a trigger.

Relay (Relay Trigger) → Trigger (Trigger).

To make the trigger loop, but not severely lag the game, let’s set it to have a delay of “0.1”. Now, let’s make it broadcast a message on the channel “health” when triggered, and trigger when receiving on the channel “health”.
The options for the trigger

Let’s actually place our health granter now. For me, I made it heal only 1 health, since healing 1 health per 0.1 seconds would equal healing 10 health per second, which would be pretty balanced.
Note how we don’t want to have it heal health and shield because we’ll use other means to heal shield

The two devices together

You’re done!

Basic Mechanic 4 (Optional): KO’d Players Drop Ammo

For this mechanic, we can use the special device called the knockout manager device. Let’s place down one and go to the “items” settings.

Let’s try making knocked out players drop ammo so there’s an easy way to gain ammo:

There’s a 25% chance for a player to drop 35 snowballs when they’re knocked out

Now, I placed down 3 more knockout managers. They 3 each had a 25% chance to drop a certain amount of light shards/medium shards/heavy shards.

Basic Mechanics 5: (Optional) KO’d Players Drop Health/shield

You might be asking me, “You can’t pick up health. Huh?”. That is a good question. However, you can actually pick up health/shield.

Let’s place down another two knockout managers:

Knocked out players have a 50% chance to drop Shield Cans

Now, duplicate this knockout manager, but change “Item To Grant” to “Med Pack”.

@mysz, all this does is grant players med packs/shield cans!”

Well actually, using repeaters, checkers, and item granters, it doesn’t!

What we’re going to try to do is, every 0.5 seconds we check if a player has med packs or shield cans, and if they do, then we’ll grant them health/shield and then take away the med packs/shield cans.

First, let’s place down a repeater device.

Remember that relay device from before? Wire it to the relay so all players have the repeater running:
Relay (Relay Trigger) → Repeater (Start Repeater).

Now, wire it to two checkers like this:
Repeater runs task → Run Check

For the first checker, check if the amount of med packs is greater than 0. For the second checker, check if the amount of shield cans is greater than 0.

Now, place down two health granters. The first should grant 60 health only. The second should grant 30 shield only. These numbers can be changed in your game, don’t worry.

Wire checker 1 to health granter 1 like this:
Check passes → Grant Health

Wire checker 2 to health granter 2 the same way as shown above.

Finally, place down two item granters, which should grant “-1 med packs” and “-1 shield cans”.

Wire checker 1 to item granter 1 and checker 2 to item granter 2.

You’re done! The repeater now checks if you have a med pack/shield can, and if you do it grants you health and takes the med pack/shield can away!
The system of repeaters and checkers- Knockout managers not included

Basic Mechanics 6: Ending the Game

How do we end the game when a player has 33 knockouts (or your preferred amount)?

We can use the “When a player knocks out” setting in a lifecycle device, and a counter to do exactly that!

Place down a lifecycle and a counter (player-scoped). Wire the lifecycle to the counter:

Lifecycle (Event Occurs) → Counter (Increment Counter).

Now set the target value to the counter, which for my game is 33! Place down a trigger, and wire the counter to the trigger, and the trigger to the end game device (this will be very important).

Counter (Target value reached) → Trigger (Trigger).

Trigger (Triggered) → End Game (End Game).

There we go!
A portion of the device system

Intermediate Mechanics 1: KO and KS tracking

Intermediate Mechanics 2: And the Winner Is…

Intermediate Mechanics 3: Item IDs

Advanced Mechanics 1: Pre-set Items

Advanced Mechanics 2: The Next Weapon

Exit Poll:



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