Hi i need help on making a map any suggestions?

idk just some ideas would be fine.

Okay I will look forward to it

I’m new so i don’t understand completely

Okay noted.

can you help me understand?

Here @sHrEk, These guides might help.

Game Ideas:

Game Themes:

What mechanics do you need help on/are currently struggling?

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Also are you going to make a release date?

idk how to im new can you tell me how to

Yeah you just got to make a saying of a release date and if you make a release date and you don’t release it you will probably get flagged so it will be fine if you don’t

what happends when you get flagged?

And please undo the solution because I am positive they will be other things

If you get flagged this whole thing will basically get deleted and no one will be able to comment or anything.

Although people can still see it

oh okay that’s not that bad.

And I will check back tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Let’s get back on-topic.
I suggest you unmark a solution by clicking the solution button again as there will probably be more ideas.

okay thankyou do you have school? because i have school and it’s 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM

I will still stay on for a little bit.

Please don’t get off-topic.
What mechanics are you struggling with?

Yes I have school but not to this late I am in elementary School I am sorry if that makes you stop talking to me.