Ideas for guides and or games to make

Defuse nuke

How about a map where either Player vs sentry or team vs team and you have to defuse the nuke about to launch. (basically two advanced settlements go to war and spies report a nuke is about to be launched and 1 team (or 2 racing and whoever defuses first wins) tries to defuse the nuke…but the other team (players and or sentries) is trying to stop them…combo of stealth,force, and strategy to win.

Island point capture

each flag island has to be captured by a single team at the same time for a certain amount of time (like 1-2 minutes) for team to win…

Everything else!!!

1.Sentry tycoon
2.Clash of clans
4.Crossy road
5.Castle wars
6.Roblox sharkbite
7.Roblox evade
8.Don’t push the button
9.Pet simulator
10.Sail the ocean (battle, adventure, explore, tycoon or a mix of those)
11.At least one of these sports (ping pong, air hockey, soccer, rugby, football, lacrosse, softball, baseball,, tee ball, racing, horse racing, etc.
13.Take care of farm animals tycoon
14.Snowball fight but where if you get hit too much to soon you start to have frostbite.
15.A survival tycoon where its cold and you to stay near your campfire and answer questions to keep it going and build walls and get more clothes like jackets to keep yourself warm and eventually have a town.
16.School (simulation of school life) balance life and school.
17. Musical chairs
18. Would you rather
19. Fossil dig like in prodigy
20. Plans vs Zombies
21. Jurassic park game
22. Hogwarts
23 Rainbow friends
24 Delivery game
25 Save santa from the evil elves
26 diep. io and or defly. io type of game
27. In space your ship breaks so you must fend of the evil plants while you technicians ready the rovers and there will be rescue teams
28. Make toys for christmas or even be santa during christmas eve.
29. Scuba dive
30. Ice skating
31. Fnaf custom night but without using excessive memory storage (like 90% on one animatronic)
32. Hiking
33. Arena
34. Roblox piffering pirates
35. Science measure weather (rain, temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed) (like gizmo)
36. Survive the volcanic eruptions
37. choose a structure from given solution that you think will keep you safe in the presented natural disaster or just disaster (like nuke) and you will teleport there and see if you survive (last person alive wins)
38. Quidditch
39. Warfare (present, future, past, trench, advanced, primitive).
40. Randomized map presented and you have to protect it as a team (santa and or his sleigh, reindeer, the big christmas tree (if it falls all christmas trees fall) the elf workshop, etc.)
41. Posideans war in percy jackson the last olympian.
42. Animations.
43. Explore caverns
44. Amung us
45. Tag
46. Pvp
47. Roleplay
48. Infection
49. Survival
50. Scott and steel wool fnaf games
51. Fan game fnaf games
52. Rick Riordan book the heroes of olympus they travel to defeat the giants and take out the evil primordial goddess. Do where you randomly are one of the 7 demigods and 1 satyr and have to protect the ship from monster attacks
53. Cops and jobbers
54. Star wars
55. Tycoon
56. Roblox floor is lava
57. floor is lava
58. Marvel
59. Escape room
60. Laser tag
61. Paintball
62. Roller coasters
63. amusement park
64. Point capture games
65. First person shooter games
66. Jacksmith
next bit are board and card games
67. Chess
68. Mancala
69. Rumy (i think that’s how you spell it)
70. war
71. go fish
72. pokemon cards
73. the emoji game
74. spot it
75. Match it
76. rush zone
77. monopoly
78. clue
79. bop it
80. Uno
81. Poler
82. Life
83. trouble
84. Sorry
85. Trivia
Now random stuff again
86. Jeopardy
87. Farmchain game
88. knight and quests
89. puzzles
90. google doodle lucky cat game
91. google doodle halloween ghost duel
92. poor to rich
93. factory games (not tycoon)
94. magic games
95. Greek mythology games
96. Roman mythology games
97. Norse mythology games
98. Egyptian mythology games
99. hunting games
100. fishing
101. Dungeon crawler
102. Minecraft
103. fortnite
104. Simulator games
105. animation video
106. building that outside has animation of cars pulling in and out of the driveway every once and a while and a sentry will either walk inside the car or outside (randomized what happens)
107. Pokemon
108. Remake official gimkit game modes
109. Open world RPG’s
110. Clicker
111. Team battle
112. Bed wars
113. Speed run games
114. Animal crossing style game
115. Keep away
116. Holiday styled games
117. Rhythm games
118. RIo
119. Wii sports
120. Choose own adventure
121. Geometry dash
122. Simon says
123. Trashketball (school brain break)
124. 2.5d designs
125. Dodge ball
126. Checkers
127. Arcade minigames (in an arcade each game is actually playable)
128. D@D
129. Art exhibit
130. Museum
131. Colosseum gladiator fighting till only one classmate is left.(melee and ranged combat)
132. Hide and seek
133. Crime life
134. Brookhaven
135. Coding tutorial
136. Protect the sentry
137. Minigames
138. King of the hill
139. Maze
140. Escape the hunter (easy, medium, and or like angry muchi in roblox evade only on like on map you cant survive you just want to be last one alive)
141. Messenger games
142. Campground
143. Survive pompeii
144. Disc us (version of amung us but still different)
145. Hooda math games
146. Cool math games
147 .Ragdoll
148. Fall guys
149. Color squares (you are given color of square each round and must make it there quickly before all other squares drop you and disappear and last person left wins)
150. Sudoku

now we can see comments without scrolling through a million ideas!


I honestly would Love it if someone made a guide about how to make halloween google doodle great ghost duel…(I know there is a way to make a trail follow you but how would you steal trail though…)

Reply if you have any more ideas…


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Interesting guide! It seems cool! Thanks for crediting my guide!

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Also for the “Infection”

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