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Hello. I’m making a map, which I like to call In this map, there are 4 biomes. A lab, which has been infested with evil sentry plants, a snowy wasteland, which you can find igloos that you can enter and find better weapons in exchange for seeds, and an autumnal wonderland, with 3 friendly NPC’s with various wares to offer you, like healing, a special item that is important for finding much of the game’s lore (which is scattered in several Codexes across the map), and a secret boss fight triggered by giving an unassuming NPC fifteen seeds, which you get from kills.

However, I’m having trouble designing the last biome, and I don’t know what its gimmick should be.

If you have any ideas, could you give me a terrain palette to work with as well?

By the wan, in my lobby, I have small snippets of the biomes. Here’s the lab’s:

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Here’s the Snowy Wastelands’:

Here’s the Autumn Wonderland’s:

Maybe add a medievil area

Thank you!
Do you have an idea for the palette, or a central gimmick?

Maybe a castle, a market, or a forge

This may count as a showcase because you aren’t really adding instructions to your images and not really a Help post because you don’t need help on something.

Nice! Looks pretty good so far! I suggest adding all seasons, a lot of weather, and advancements from the 1800’s to now!

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He needs help on what his last area should be

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I sure have my work cut out for me on this one…

Maybe a Far-Future, Space Biome, Radioactive Biome, Grasslands, Parks or a City Biome?
(Just random ideas :slight_smile: )

By the way, welcome to the forum! I hope you like it here!

Sorry for overloading you with ideas. You don’t have to do them all.

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Thanks for the ideas!

Unfortunately, I can’t do space, because the lore is that you were on a spaceship that crash-landed on a secluded space settlement of Gims, whose records were destroyed.

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Yeah, that’s fine :slight_smile:
(You could make the spaceship destroyed or make it crash into your farm biome, idk, for the lore?)

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@Haiasi are you going full 90s nostalgia?
with the crash in a cornfield? ;]

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Use the “how to make a marketplace” guide and make the autmnal wonderland be the marketplace!