Fall Map Idea! [ Difficulty: ⬜ ]

Want a cool, new theam for your map? Here’s a fall-inspired idea: “A Ready for Harvesting Farm”

A few pictures:

What’s included on this map?

  1. (Floor) Dirt.

  2. Corn, (ripe and unripe).

  3. Small Leaves. To be sprinkled on the ground every which way.

  4. All Sorts of Haybale Types.

  5. Wooden Fencing.

  6. Dirt patches.

  7. A Scarecrow.

  8. Gardoning tools.

  9. A Tractor.

  10. A Stump.

  11. Dried Out Trees.

I hope you found this helpful to get in the fall spirit!

Thank you and happy building! P.S Happy Halloween!!! :jack_o_lantern:


cool i made one like this but i made a plow and stuff on the tractor.


Nice Guide!
This guide is very short, so it might get flagged.
You could add more images/examples to lengthen it.

Also, try using terrain on different layers for a cool effect (if all terrain are on the same layer they can be blocky)

I would like your post but I ran out of likes!


Thank you! These tips are great!

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Nice guide!

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it amazing you are good

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Nice guide! I put it in :white_large_square:, though, because it’s an art guide.

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Great, thank you! That helps the community know what they click on!

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I am sure ur map is great!

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Good guide!

Why does that always happen to me, too?

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Wenk! This is so cool!

Wenk, Wenk, Wenk!

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@therealroyaltalor It may look better if you organize the corn into rows and stack the hay bales neatly it should look something like this.


Wow, that looks amazing!


I just bumped into this corn! Wait that doesn’t even make sense……


I bumped into a house while riding my tractor…