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Thumbnail Request:

Could I have a thumbnail with all four different stache gims trying to open a safe?

Game Ideas:

I have a thought on what I’m going to make, it’s going to be a battle where it’s like Heist in Brawl Stars, but in platformer, I need detail ideas and such.
Here’s a criteria for you to help me:

Try not making a simple idea, :yawning_face: then making it sloppy, which is probably why you delete them, because you don’t like it. Having 10 bad/mid games is worse than 1 awesome one and this applies to a lot of things in life, not just Gimkit Games.
So try planning it :memo:, think of an idea. Think of details, plans, easter eggs and all the criteria of making a good game, then make it, with your list, so it turns out good.
Think :thought_balloon: :brain::
Is it neat :bubbles:?
Does it have details :boom:?
Does it have side quests ?
Does it have a clear main story and instructions?
Is it eye-catching :eye: and :star2: unique :star2:?

If it has most of those or all of them, your map should be pretty good. :+1:

At this point, even if it is a good game and you end up publishing it, you need to…

  • Test for bugs :beetle: every once in a while.
  • Playtest it :joystick:
  • (OPTIONAL) Get your friends to play it! They can usually find or rate your guide differently as they didn’t make it, their input could be helpful!

If you need ideas, but want them to be unique, try this…

  • Search up on Google or Safari (or some other web browser) and look at games, then narrow it down to games that could be made in GKC and/or are fun and easy :green_square: to make
  • Think of games you’ve played before, and try to recreate it, or just make a variation of it.
  • Maybe even try to combine multiple games into one! You can always look at other Gimkit Discovery games for ideas.

If you need ideas, but don’t necessarily want them unique, try this…

This text is blue, :blue_heart: click on it to bring you to the guide. As you can see (or will see) there are many options, you could recreate one of those options, combine them, or use them as inspiration.
Remember, ideas are endless :infinity:

Any ideas or thumbnails are appreciated :smile:


make a city where you rob buildings and the cops hunt you down


It’s like Heist in Brawl Stars, so I don’t think I’d need that.
Thanks though!
Heist is kinda like bedwars.


@GimSolver Could i make the thumbnail 4 u?

my art


Sure, no one has to ask, anyone can make it, no matter what level!

Something along these lines should work.


Hey there! I’m working on the weapons for them & have a quick question. What type of weapons are used in your game?

*Draft is almost complete!

Idea for a map:

It’s a city map, like @Foxy said, but you go on tasks around the city, gathering little hints as to the hidden objective.

Mission Ideas:

  • You gather materials needed for a bakery, which leads to another task and another…so on and so forth.
  • The final task is from someone under the name of, for example, @GimSolver, who gives them a task to rob a bank. If they succeed, they win the game.

Still thinking of more details for now. Hope this works.

*Also, what weapons do you want for the thumbnail?


Can I j0in yr clan @GimSolver GimSolver?

There is Pink Stache, Yellow Stache, and Brown Stache. Who else?
Edit: Oh Stache Santa

Finished, FOR NOW:

What should I change?

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Wow, those are great thumbnails. Where did you come up with the idea for the name of the third one? I think I saw a game with the exact same name somewhere in around October. It’s also funny that the game was also going to be about camping on an abandoned island, what a coincidence!

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Whoa! Kool! But i joined the fourms in December…?

I’m going to make one too! :grin:

Same! :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s crazy…

Wait wha….i ran outa likes! >:(


Yeah, ill try. One minute.

@Artemis Nvm I found them

It was made in August. These coincidences are insane.


WHAAAAA??? >:0

Can I see the classroom one you used for @GIMKIT.CREATIVE’s thumbnail? (Talking to Blizzy)