Hide'n'seek everybody. What shall we use?

Thanks to @WhereIsMyHat’s post Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas) - #5 by WhereIsMyHat for the idea. Alright, so, uhh, yeah… Also one big question… What if the game chose a random map? AND how do I create the timer?


Try to use ideas that don’t take much memory.

Here is a guide on how to make a timer.

And for the random map, just make 3 decent size areas that the game can take place were the players choose to go. All on the same map. I would recemend a sci-fi, and medevial(props come out tomorrow), and a snowy apocolups.

What about a farm theam?

Here’s a randomizer

I know how to do the tagging and team switching. Would a house map work?

Don’t forget, I need the players to HIDE, not make them just stick out.

Use props with no collision for hiding. If you want to make it slightly more obvious, make it transparent.

so make the objects above the players on layering so they can hide behind them and team switching is not a easy thing to make.

layering is easyer, and yes collision does need to be off

Just use it like this: Overlay button that says tag, then wire it to a tag device, and switch the player to team 2, or whoever the Seekers are. If I understand it. I’m not the best Gimkitter.

Team switching isn’t very complicated. You can just set it so if a player is tagged they get knocked out and there’s a lifecycle linked up to activate on knockout with a team switcher.

Yeah that may work, but i advise you to make when one player on the hiding team is left, game ends.

I could use a counter.

I am a designer, one of the best on the forum, and I am teaching myself the blocks and device things, I am only good at much of the visual stuff, things players see, not the functions. So that is why I think it is not the easiest.

You would need to, other wise you would have no way of knowing 1 player is left.

Yeah I’m better at art, but I make most of my maps on my own, so I had to learn a bit about devices.

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So are you asking that when a player gets tagged they get team swapped?

use guns to give to the seeker and make everyone 1 hp except the seeker

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If so just wire a lifecycle to a team switcher and switch it to team 2

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