How to make a timer

Today I will be showing you how to make a timer. I have seen many questions about this topic, so I want to answer it now. There will be a few bonuses like how to start and stop the timer in the middle of a game(very simple), how to make this timer only for a certain team(or player), and how to activate something when the timer ends. These are all very simple, so I doubt anyone will have trouble with this.


Repeater 1x
Lifecycle 1x
Counter 1x

The Few Step Solution

Set the Counter’s target to 0, and the starting value to 20 or however long of a timer you want. Decrement the Counter when receiving on ‘minus’. Set the Repeater’s interval to 1.0. Set the Repeater to stop After Receiving on Channel, so that it won’t stop until we make it stop. Start the Repeater when receiving on ‘start’. For the Lifecycle, just transmit on ‘start’ when the Event Occurs. Wire the Counter to the Repeater with settings ‘Target Value Reached → Stop Repeater’.

Bonus: A Timer you can Activate

Instead of using a Lifecycle, place a Button, with the message ‘Start Timer’ or something, and make it transmit on ‘start’ when pressed.

If you want the timer to be able to be triggered tons of times; Look here:

Reset the Counter when receiving on ‘start’ as well.

If you want a timer that can only be used once, Look here:

Wire your button to a wire repeater, then wire the Wire Repeater to the button so that it deactivates it.

Bonus: A Timer only for you

Just set the Count Scope of the timer to Player or Team

Bonus: A Timer that will Start something

Just wire the Counter to something you want to activate, settings ‘Target Value Reached → ____________’

Your done! I hope this helped!
Credit to @NavyCatZ and @CrudeMapMaking


@Blizzy You might want to credit these guides:


Oops yeah I will

This was super helpful! Thanks a whole lot!

Wow, this is very old but very helpful.

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For me, it doesn’t show it counting and it doesn’t work. What might I be doing wrong?

I need to see pictures please. Also, I just reliazed the guide uses a repeater.

I figured it out. I hooked it up to the wrong button. :joy:


You also need to set up more signals, or else it won’t work. Maybe that should be added to the guide.

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I had a little trouble understanding this. Most gimkit newbies would not. But… Great Guide Though! Overall this was an awesome guide but like dumb it down a little bit.