How to make a timer using a counter(🟩)

Timers can be used for a lot of stuff, like time limits for a certain room and team. This guide will show you how to make one.

Step 1:
Place a life cycle. The event should be set to Game Start by default. If you want it to start when something triggers instead, replace the life cycle with another device that will trigger the timer.

Step 2:
Place a Repeater. Put 1 in Task Interval and put how long you want the timer to be in “Time to Run” (You have to have “After period of time” as the stop strategy in order to get this to show up. You can tinker with this in certain scenarios.

Step 3:
Place a counter. Click on the target button at the top of the editing menu and set “Use Target Value” to yes. Put in how long you want the timer to be.

Connect the Life Cycle to the Repeater (Event occurs> Start Repeater) and the Repeater to the Counter. (Repeater runs task> Increment counter)

That’s all! Keep in mind that you have to adjust some of the settings for different situations. Happy Gimkitting! (Or gimcreating? Idk)


Thank you, this helps a lot.

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You could also just use a trigger instead of the repeater and counter, but the counter is there in case you need it for some sort of property/device.

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Yeah, but what if you’re making something like a minigame. Then you would want a short timer.

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Ohmygoodness I forgot to say great guide

Very cool! Is it possible so that when the counter reaches 0, it restarts the counter?

If you mean the counter device, yes! Wire the counter to a wire repeater, so when the target is reached (0), the wire repeater repeats the wire pulse. Then wire the wire repeater back to the counter, so when the wire repeater repeats the pulse, the counter is reset.

Ah! Alright, I wanted to know bc I had a map in mind, it had a counter system, when you triggered that counter, it would count down, and when it hit 0, it would knockout the person! But I couldn’t figure out how to reset the counter once it hit 0.

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Thank you! This worked very well for my game that is coming out soon:Easy obby! (Also, because you helped me, I’ll give you this tip, It’s litterally impossible!"