Does anybody know how to make when you use a counter but the time going down is a pop up showing the clock timer going down

anybody know how to do this

or am i gonna have to make a like tons of pop ups like 10 is one 9 is one and so on and on

try: How to make a timer
or How to make a colon-separated timer (Difficulty: 🟨)
How to make a timer when you press a "start" button [🟩]

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non of them is what im talking about im making a death run but I want them to see the timer going down as a pop up message on their screen instead of them watching the counters timer goes down so they could just look up in the top right and see how much time is left

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Hmm, well then let me try to build something for you.

algright thank you so much

Use an item that takes away every second. the starting amount is the time. Once it runs out, you die.

crimsion knight is build me something rn

its a mechanism thats useful. It is triggered on game start
I’ll stp replying now.

wait how much time do you want your player to have?

35 second are you able to do that sorry for not responding right awa

It’s fine, but I think I figured it out, just let me test it out in a real game and I will show you how to do it.

@Crimson_Knight did you ever get it to work

Yeah, sorry it took me so long, I had a class.
But anyway here it is.

what show me it umm where is it

I’m writing it right now…

Are you almost done bro you taking forever

sorry i dint mean it an mean way

Items needed: , 1x Trigger, 1x lifecycle, 1x item granter, 1x overlay, 1x starting inventory, 1x repeater, and wires to connect everything together.
The settings:


Overlay type: tracked item, Tracked item:Bait,

Item granter

Item to grant: bait, amount to grant: -1.

Starting inventory

Item to grant: bait,amount to grant: 37


When triggered transmit on: Timer, trigger delay: 1


Event:Game start


Task interval: 1.0

Then use wires to connect the repeater to the trigger,(Repeater runs task:Trigger) the lifecycle to the trigger,(Event occurs:Trigger) and the trigger to the repeater(Triggered:start repeater).

@Crimson_Knight can you hop on my map and do it i will put link but will you