Does anybody know how to make when you use a counter but the time going down is a pop up showing the clock timer going down

Please don’t post links on the forum if it isn’t on the wix site.

No, links and codes are not allowed. Please use, Padlet, the wix, or an thing else.

I alreadsy have the mod dont care i asked

as long no straight codes

has to be on another web

You asked @Jeffo is you could post codes?

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Links are not allowed PERIOD. Thank you for your consideration. Unless they are on your bio. Codes should not be allowed on the forums at all. (Gosh, I sound like robot)

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yes but it has to be on a diffrent website but you can post that website i will make jeffro ban you and dont ping him he is prob busy

Oh, ok. Good, as long as it isn’t here.

Gwamma Police Moment

Correction: if you can post codes?

Dude that’s blackmail. If anything, YOU should be banned.

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Try to post the code on a padlet:

thats a lousy threat, @Cloudyboy
that’s also very mean.

Ha-ha. Thanks. :slight_smile: for the correction…

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Grammer Police Moment:
Grammer. Thank you :nerd_face:

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yes fr ty for a correction bro

JUst do this. To stop the arguing.

Bruh, you’re making threats. Don’t do that.

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It’s grammar, actually.

everyone pls stop responding. it only invokes more responses.