Game Ideas? or something cool I can do?

Any games you guy/girls could think of like anything that’s appropriate and safe for gimkit?

this could help you think of cool map ideas

map ideas themes

basically everything else

You can do something like a library or something like that

Make a rollercoaster?

What if you were to create a world called “Corrupted” yes, yes I know it sound bad but seriously its good. The players start on this moon rock in space, no memory of ANYTHING then as soon as they move *you can use zones for this they get teleported. The traverse through worlds medieval, snowy, farm, dead zone, school, party and etc, collecting special items and/or regaining little bits of their memory as they go on, until the end. ALL THE WORLDS COLLIDED TOGETHER, and they have to fight this mysterious figure called the Phantom, or The Maker or something like that. They can use the items they have collected to acquire (buy) special buffs, defeat the Phantom, or The Maker and return home. (Make it FLEXIBLE for maybe a part two)