[ 📰 Resources] for Dungeon Crawlers/Escape Rooms

[ :newspaper: Resources] for Dungeons/Escape Rooms

What is a Dungeon Crawler?

(quoted from @Wumpus)
A dungeon crawler is often a game that has players advancing through multiple rooms filled with enemies, traps, and loot in order to complete some sort of goal they have been assigned. In this series we will try and do the same by creating interesting mechanics, goals, and rooms!

Goals in Dungeon Crawlers

(quoted from @Wumpus)
Goals in Dungeon Crawlers can be anything from finding a powerful item, to defeating a boss monster. These goals make the player want to continue playing and not leave after completing a few rooms.
To create your first goal, try and think about what you want the player to accomplish , what could drive them forward to do that goal. Once you have done this you can start to base each of your gameplay pieces around that goal! This will be useful in the future, trust me.


Lately, I’ve seen a lot of posts/topics in Help about help in their Dungeon Crawler games.
To make it easier for people and especially new users to find Dungeon Crawler Community Made Guides, I’ve made a resources page with Dungeon Crawler Guides.
If you have any Dungeon Crawler guides you would like to add, feel free to edit this wiki. Please do read the Wiki Editing Rules at the bottom of the post before editing.


Some guides listed here such as “How to Remove Sentry Gadgets” and “The Ultimate Guide to Sentries” have been patched by josh as sentries can sadly no longer interact with devices :saluting_face:.

(Just so you know, some of these guides weren’t made specifically for Dungeon Crawlers, like most resource pages but these may help you with your Dungeon Crawler agames)

Anyways, let’s get into the resource list ↓

Resource List:


Me, (@Haiasi) @Wumpus, @Gray, @Akari, @Thats_Gimpossible, @wingwave, @Dragontamer, @mysz, @Vortex-Mist, @Donnell, CringeKarlScott, RYLAN, VALUEX, Aubec7, Blizzy


That’s it for this guide! Don’t forget to search for Community Made Guides that are related to your question or resolved Help posts before creating a topic. This avoids clutter in the forum. As from what I’ve seen, 30-40% Help have already a Community Made Guides about it or a resolved help post.

Wiki Editing Rules

Please be responsible. Don’t make an edit that violates the TOS or FAQ. We do not want to get suspended and so do you. Try to make the Community Made Guides links on seperate lines so it oneboxes and shows part of the guide.


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if people want to customize their enemies in the dungeon crawler then you can use this

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