Custom Boss | Difficulty 2/10 🟩

Place a Sentry device [ I chose pink plant ]
Then place 2 Sentry close to him
Screenshot 2023-09-13 8.40.42 AM

Then place Two Snowy Bare Tree and two alien plants
Change them to any color and make collision off
And if you want to you can add a cosmetic to the boss I used alien plants as the cosmetic
Screenshot 2023-09-14 8.29.24 AM

Then your DONE!

You can use this on.
-Post apocalypse maps
-Escape maps

Edit and customize plz enjoy


to make a large orange square emoji just do :orange_square: not :large:orange:square:

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dats a good looking boss got their number?


Thank you I didnt know how to use the Square

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naw they just gots da hair

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sirisly though i will use this guide ty

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Thank you for using it!

I fixed the emoji for you. You have to remove the large part and put _ between orange and square.

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Thank you I am new at this

what is a “Boss map”?

Nice guide!

Doesn’t necessarily need to be a map, it’s just a boss battle within one.

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Nice! I updated the difficulty.

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nice work this could be usefully for people that want to make their own boss fight

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this is actually genius… my previous solution was to use lasers and a sentry but this is much better!