Idea for Throne and Sentry King Design?

So I know I ask for help a lot but I was wondering if y’all have any ideas for a throne/king sentry design. I have used barriers for thrones so far but I haven’t liked my designs. Thanks!

This guide could help.

You can use these guides.

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Yeah, not really a king there, but I can figure it out. I mostly need ideas for the Throne he will sit on

Oh ok! You could use things like signs and other props for the throne

And as for the throne, use the barrier prop and hex tint it to what you want, then a flag(the big ones) as the back and a stone wall hex tinted to match the barrier prop above the bottom of the flag, but above the bottom half of the barrier prop. Make sure its layer right or it will look bad.

You can use the triangle one as the back board, but as for the sides, use barriers(prop form).

I think I will try this and check back… Thanks

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maybe have two sentries on each side of the king, each decorated like a knight/guard. (there are quite a few guides on how to do so.)

Great idea! I am making a protect the king game, so I may just use that in a lobby.

ONLY for speedy_kd4

Just wondering, did you make your profile pic?

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Maybe you can try and use some of the props, using the props, you can use certain ones, make it look like sort of King , by bringing the props to the front to make it look like they’re on top of everything.

I did make it! its an oc of mine. (let’s stay on topic though.)

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Any thoughts or suggestions? Im not sure how I feel about it…

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