How to Make a Sliding Door [🟦]

You’ve seen guides on automatic or button doors. Here, I’ll teach you to make a sliding one!
First, place down two of what you want to be your door.
I’ll use bookshelves.
Place them right next to each other.
Go inside the settings of the props, click availability and set them to show prop on channel closedoor and to hide prop on channel opendoor.
Place two more doors to the left and right of the two doors you already have (one on each side)
Go into prop availability settings again, this time setting visible on game start to no and set them to show on opendoor and hide on closedoor, the opposite of before.
Now, place a zone around your middle two doors. This will be the zone that opens the doors, so size it accordingly. Make it transmit on channel opendoor when a player enters it. Place a counter that isn’t visible on game start, with default value to how long you want the door to be open.
Set the target value to 0, with target value reached on channel closedoor. Wire the zone to the counter, when player enters zone → reset counter. Place a repeater. Set it to start on channel opendoor. Set the increment to 1.0 and to end on recieving channel closedoor.
Now, wire the repeater to the counter, repeater runs task → deincrement counter.
You’re done!
It should look like this:

Sorry for the lack of images, I’m locked at new user.

More Resources

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