How to Make an Automatic Door (Difficulty: 🟩)

In this guide, I will show you how to make an automatic door for your game. This door is made to open by itself. You can enter through one area, but you cannot exit.

You will need:

  • 1 barrier (prop)
  • 1 zone or 4 triggers (devices)
  • 1 enclosed area (terrain)

I recommend using 1 zone instead of 4 triggers because it uses less time and its reaction time is quicker. If you need more memory, use the triggers

  1. Place down a barrier.

  2. If using triggers - place 2 in front of the barrier, and 2 behind. Make sure they are very close to the barrier.
    If using zone - place the zone underneath the barrier. Put it so the top of the zone ends about halfway of the barrier

  3. Add wires.
    If triggers - connect the triggers to the barrier with wires.
    Front triggers - hide prop
    Back triggers - show prop

    If zone - connect the zone to the barrier.
    Wire - If player leaves zone —> show prop

If you want, you can use channels instead

  1. Create an enclosed space so you cannot go around the barrier

You’re done!


Nice! The only issue is that you don’t have a difficulty rating. I’d say this is a 1-2/5, as this contains no advanced content. Thanks for helping build a better gimkit!


I should have been on the forum a lot earlier. I spent ~15-30 minutes figuring out I would do this when I could have come here and gotten the same results with less work (wouldn’t have had the same sense of achievement though).



I am disappointed in your behavior. Instead of being negative and spreading hate, why not give feedback on how they could improve?

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This was wingwave’s guide lol

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It was my guide.


Hey, @wingwave, maybe a little more descriptive about this, like how it could be used in games? Also make sure that everyone can understand it.


Well then, instead of spreading self-hate, why not evaluate what you could have done better and use that information to improve and grow?


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I probably divided the wrong way


i self hate all the time

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@Argo77 rate post, I’m curious on what I can improve on.