How To Create A KillStreak ( Difficulty: Easy 🟩 ) *Update*

Hello, I’ve been experimenting and learning how to use Code Blocks and the Devices and figured out how to make a KillStreak system and figured I might share it with others.

So first of all I’ll show all the devices I have set up

I’ll have a inventory Manager with any weapon obviously because what else would we use to do damage? and I’ll have a Sentry as my Test Dummy with One Health.

Start off adding one Property and setting the properties as shown, leave the rest alone

Add a Lifecycle Device and set the properties as shown

Add a Game Overlay Device and set the properties as shown

Add a Counter Device and set the properties as shown

Other properties are left alone

Go back to your Game Overlay and create a block then put these as shown

Now Create a new Life Cycle
and set these properties
Then go back to your game overlay and create a block for PlayerDeath then set get these coding blocks

And you’re done! now when you get a knockout it shows on your screen and adds up and when you get knocked out it resets.

This is what you should have now for the devices
also I removed the item manager and spawn just for map reasons but you should have the spawn and inventory manager or if you dont want it then its fine


Nice Guide @Donnell! This will be useful on battle royal, and free for all maps.


And Welcome to the Community! Check out the beginner-must-read and forum-tips for more easy help! Read to Community Guidelines for a gist of the rules. If you ever run into a hard problem, talk to anyone who has the word “Regular” next to their profile name. They can help you with hard and in-depth concepts and mechanics!


Great first guide!

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Great first guide! you might want to credit this guide:
Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the forum and nice first guide, @Donnell!

You might want to credit this guide too:

@WolfTechnology did you copy and paste my entire welcome?


Nice guide! Just a question: what happens when you die? Is your kill streak reset?

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Yes. That’s in the guide.

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if the idea wasnt directly taken as smth to add upon, you don’t need to credit it, especially if its smth more vague.

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does it also work for other players?

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I would assume so. I would have to reread the guide, but I’m changing classes right now.