GimCourse - A Course on Gimkit Creative [WIP]


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Chapter 1 - Signing Up for Gimkit

  1. Complete the registration process. If you already have a Gimkit account, sign into that account. Otherwise, sign up for Gimkit. This is required to enter Gimkit Creative.

  2. Click on “Gimkit Creative” to enter Gimkit Creative.

  3. OPTIONAL: If you have not done the tutorial yet, do it.
    After doing the tutorial, you will know how to use Gimkit Creative. I recommend that you do the tutorial as it can be useful to gain some basic knowledge on using Gimkit Creative.

  4. Create a new map and enter a name to start building your map.
    When you are done working on your map, feel free to save it or publish it.

Running out of space?

You can delete one of your maps to make room for a new map.
(taken from)

You can also make another account but I don’t suggest making more than two because the Gimkit Creative servers save your maps and it can cause the servers to crash.

Chapter 2 - Basic Usage

There are four main types of components in Gimkit Creative.


Used for decorating the map’s environment.

  • Terrain is below everything and is mainly used to make flooring or walls. There are a lot of tiles to choose from, and can be placed in five layers. It can also be used for 3D art and other things beside making the floor and walls, but that is less common. The different layers allow for designs to have depth. For instance, you could be making a hallway. That hallway could look amazing, but it might look a bit flat. To fix that, you could put the floor on layer 3 and the walls on layer 4. But then there’s another problem. There’s a gap between the wall and floor. To remove that, you can use layers to put the floor under the wall in order to close the gap.


Used for connecting devices together to run certain events/actions

  • Wires connect devices and props. Think of them like actual wires. They send signals to other devices and props, coming from a device or prop they start at. Wires are one way, and send a signal to change something about the device they end at when an event happens in the device they come from.


Used for making the projects interactive to add certain mechanics to the game.

  • Imagine you had a gimkit creative map with only decorations.
    There would be no gameplay! Devices, are well, devices.
    They react to certain things, and can store things or cause things to happen, or even more.
    Devices are what make projects interactive and not just static scenery.
Resources for devices

[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide To Every Device Part 1!

[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Every Device Part 2!

[📜] The Ultimate Guide To Every Device Part 3!

How to make a battle royale temporary safe zone (Difficulty: 🟩)


Smaller decorations (gimkit documentation link WIP)

  • Now imagine a map that had great gameplay but no decoration! It would be bland and look terrible. Props excel at creating detailed objects and decorating your map. There are plenty of props, and they all can be used and tweaked to make something new.


Used with devices and props to create advanced functionality

  • This is the code of gimkit creative. It runs advanced functions and interactions, more about this later.


Wireless transmitters, similar to wires with some key differences

  • These are just wireless wires, more on that later.

  • They are also much more cleaner, don’t cost memory and have no placement limit


Certain events that affect certain types of people.

Let’s say I have a Button and a Barrier.

Let’s wire them together! :zap:

Button Pressed > Deactivate Barrier

Let’s say the Barrier scope setting is set to “Global”.

When the Button is pressed, the barrier will deactivate for everyone, not just the person who pressed the button.

Now, let’s set the scope to “player.

When the Button is pressed, the Barrier will only be deactivated only for that certain player who pressed it.

To anyone else who has not yet pressed the button, the barrier is still active.

Lastly, let’s set the scope of the Barrier to “team.”

When the button is pressed, only the players on the team of the players who pressed the button will see the barrier get deactivated.

In this Gimkit Course we will focus on devices, blocks, wires, and channels. However, we will cover some prop and terrain tips.

Chapter 3 - Starting the Map

A very popular beginner project is a battle royale, and for a good reason. They are fun, easy to make, and with add-ons, can help you learn a lot about gimkit creative. We decided to use them as our beginner project, and we’ll do it in this order:

  • Make the basic mechanics/the game (this will teach you many core concepts in devices and blocks)
  • Design a map (terrain and prop designing tips)
  • Add-ons (other devices and blocks)
  • Explore on your own/customization.

One-Life system

First, place a Lifecycle

It’s a device that can run different actions based on a certain Lifecycle event.

This includes:

Game Start

Player Knocks Out

Player Knocked Out

Player Joins Late

We’ll choose the Player Knocked Out option for this.

Next, place a Team Switcher.
The Team Switcher is a device that can switch player’s teams.

Here are the options:

  • Specific Team

  • Random Team

  • Spectators

For a one-life system, we’ll choose the “Specific Team” setting.
The “Spectator” setting is already toggled on while picking it so we don’t need to change any settings.

Now, wire them together.

Zap! :zap:

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs > (Team Switcher) Switch Player To Configured Team

Resources for extra learning

[ 📰 Resources] Resources for Battle Royale

How to make a "moving" poison fog [🟨]

How to make buyable barriers - Credit to @Max-Grass

How to make Buildable Barriers (Like in Capture the Flag)

How to Make Lifesteal in Gimkit [🟩] - #65 by WhereIsMyHat

How to make a limited number of lives [Difficulty 🟨 or 4/10]

How to make players drop "medkits" on death! Difficulty 1/10 🟦 - #15 by Haiasi

How To Create A KillStreak ( Difficulty: Easy 🟩 ) *Update*

Adding Guns

This will include
Starting with guns
And for the late joiners to give them the guns

  1. Get an item granter an 2x Life Cycle
  2. Go into the item granters and :mag:search​:mag_right: for the settings item to grant
  3. Look for the item you wanna players to spawn with (Obviously A Gun)
    4.Go into one of the life cycle and look for the setting Event and click on it and select On Game Start!
  4. Go into the second one and do Step 4 But instead of choosing On Game Start, choose when player joins late!
  5. Wire one of the life cycles to the item granters like this ‘Event Occurs ---------> Grant item’
  6. Do Step 6 but the other life cycle.
    Then you should be done!
    Have a great day!

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