How to make a battle royale temporary safe zone (Difficulty: 🟩)

This guide will help remove spawn-killing in your Gimkit battle game!

First, make a designated zone in your map. This is usually in the center, but it is your choice. Place down a zone that is not visible to players and does not allow the use of gadgets. Make it transmit on a new channel when entering the zone and on another channel when leaving the zone. You can name the channels whatever you want.


Next, Place down a barrier. Make it so the barrier activates when leaving the zone and deactivates when entering the zone. Also make the barrier invisible when in game, and that the zone updates for a player. Copy this and paste it 4 times around your center so it creates a border around it.


Finally, Place down a spawner in the middle so the players start there.

You are done! When you are inside the zone, you cannot be hurt and you cannot attack, but when you are outside the zone, you cannot shoot people inside the zone and cannot just go back into the zone.


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