How to make a Killstreak like "Slap Battles" (Difficulty: 1/10 or 🟩)

This might be my most complicated guide yet, but I’m happy that I’ve come this far in the community. However, I need to credit these guides, as they really helped me with this.

What is Slap Battles?

If you don’t know what Slap Battles is, it is an experience on Roblox where you, of course, slap people. Once you get a certain amount of slaps, you get access to the Killstreak Glove. This glove tracks how many kills you get, and there are different phases. Here are some examples:
Streakkill (1)
These phases make you faster and stronger, and while some have abilities, you can implement those in your own way, if you want to. If you need more examples, watch this video:

Now that the game is out of the way, we can start.

The Finished Product

I used 3 sentries to get kills quicker, however this works on other players too.

For this guide, you will need:
3x Lifecycles
2x Speed Modifiers
1x Counter
1x Game Overlay
1x Checker
1x Repeater
1x Property
1x Damage Boost
1x Starting Inventory (to use the streak)

Step 1: Setting up your base Killstreak

First, you’ll want to get your property. I named mine Kills. Set it up as shown:

Now, we need to set up two Lifecycles.
This is the first one:
Screenshot 2024-03-04 6.37.00 AM
And this is the second one:
Screenshot 2024-03-04 6.38.03 AM
Now, we need to set up our counters. Anything that is blank must be left blank, or it will ruin the set up.

Great, now you’ll want to start setting up your overlay. Firstly, set up the easy settings, they can say whatever you want on them:

Now, there will be two spaces for block code:
Screenshot 2024-03-04 6.46.14 AM
For the first channel (PlayerKnockedOut), these are the blocks:

And these are the blocks for PlayerDead:

And that’s all… for step 1.

Step 2: Making the phases

First, we need to make our Infinite Checker. This is the easiest part. First, we’ll need to get a Lifecycle:
Screenshot 2024-03-04 7.23.42 AM
Then, we need to make a Repeater. The stop strategy HAS TO BE on “After receiving on a channel”, since it will never be receiving one.
Screenshot 2024-03-04 7.24.23 AM
Finally, we need to get our checker. It only needs one check, as you need this set up multiple times to make more phases, due to the checker activating only one Damage Boost and one Speed Modifier.

Wire the Lifecycle to the Repeater:

And the Repeater to the Checker:

Step 3: Phase buffs and losing your streak

This is by far the easiest step, as the most confusing part is the wiring. First, you’ll want to get a Damage Boost. All you need to configure is the amount of damage you want to do. Wire the Checker to the Damage Boost:

We’ll also wire the Speed Modifier to the Checker:

Now, when you die, we have a Lifecycle that resets your counter. We’ll use that same Lifecycle to reset your Damage and Speed. The Speed Modifier needs to be set to 1.

And that’s it. This, as I’ve said before, is my most comprehensive guide yet, but I’m proud of it. Thank you guys for being a great community. PLEASE NOTE THAT I ONLY MADE ONE PHASE FOR THE SAKE OF THIS GUIDE. REPEAT STEP 2 AND THE FIRST HALF OF STEP 3 FOR MORE PHASES.@Coolcaden26 out.


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First of all, great guide. Second of all, please don’t say things that might offend people. I quit Roblox, so I have no idea what Slap Battles is. Explaining it is fine, but being rude isn’t nice. Anyways, nice kide!
Also, @Vortex-Mist also made a guide about Kill Streak Systems.


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to come off as rude, I’ll remove it though.



I agree that this is a nice guide. (cough cough Roblox pfp)

I think it’s 4 in my opinion, cause it uses block code and properties, and stuff that’s somewhat complicated. I kinda skimmed through.

But very good guide! I see you worked really hard on it! :smile:

I’d say probably more of a three or two just because the pictures make it easier to understand (which is a good thing!) This is a great guide!

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I agree, I say its a 3.75, or a low 4. But yeah, I agree with your statement on pictures make it easier to understand!


Nice guide! This could definitely be useful.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Great guide! I love slap battles and I have like 21,000 slaps… anyways, Awesome!

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I’m banned so this is just for the memories.

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The people have spoken, this guide is officially a 1/10 or :green_square:

Slap battles is a good game I have 116,000 slaps in it and some rare gloves this is a cool guide

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Thanks, as I’ve mentioned, I got banned a while back, so this guide was just a cool idea I had.

Noice guide bump I guess