How to Make A Simple Infinite Checker. Difficulty: 🟩

In This Topic, You Will Make A Checker That Checks FOREVER

x1 Checker
x1 Repeater
x1 Button

First, Grab A Repeater And A Checker From The “Devices” Section

Then, Wire The Repeater And Select, “Repeater runs task” Under Repeater And “Run check” Under Checker.

After That, Click The “X” In The Top Right Corner And Then, Click On The Repeater. Scroll Down And Type 0.5 Under The Task Interval Box.

Then, Scroll Down To Stop Strategy And Select, “After period of time”. Then, Select, “After receiving on a channel”.

Then, Grab A Button From “Devices” And Wire It To The Repeater. Then Select “Button pressed” Under Button And “Start repeater” Under Repeater, Like This:

Then, Wire The Checker To The Repeater And Do The Rest Exactly Like The Screenshot Below:

You Can Also Make The Repeater Activate When The Game Starts With A Lifecycle. Just Grab A Lifecycle And Wire It To The Repeater. Event Occurs → Start Repeater Also Make The Lifecycle Have The Game Start Option When Clicked.

Now, You’ve Finished This Guide! Hope This Helped Your Guys’s Maps And Levels!


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This’ll be very useful for people lol, I see a lot of help posts about things that can be solved using this.


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Fancy guide!

Thank You! It Takes A Long Time To Make A Guide Though.