I don't know what to create!

I have an empty slot on my maps, and I want to make it a game everyone wants to play, but I dunno what to make!

Maybe a Dungeon Crawler, Escape Room, or a board game recreation


whats a dungeon cwraler?

Hop on the bus making squid games, challenge yourself.

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  • Adventure
  • Open world
  • Economy
  • Diverse PvP with melee
  • WW I or II simulation
  • Racing

It’s a game where players advance through rooms, earn rewards and fight bosses.
Here’s a guide on it:


I wanna make that, sounds hard to create but fun to play if I finish it

It’s quite easy to create, although you can add more advanced mechanics to it if you’re up for a challenge.

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I will!

Maybe a pvp/battle royale gamemode!

that one is cool too

I might put them both

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