Need ideas for my dungeon crawler

and u havve to kill them

all in order to move on u could use a counter for it the nonce the counter is full it sends it to the next stage

levels that have unique gimmicks such as disappearing tiles and wacky but fun movement systems (may be too hard to implement tho)

teleporting sentries is not hard

I’m talking about very unique gimmicks such as manual climbing and as such.

ohh k great gtg anyway be back later

You should add crates or things that can give items. You should also add a shop!
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A game where you fight off a bunch of robots in a post-apocalyptic future where robots have taken over the earth and the last humans are trying to escape off the planet.

For if you need help with it and some might give you ideas!

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Sadly, :pensive: sentries can no longer be affected by devices. :saluting_face:

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I think barriers can still block them though.

Probably. I don’t see why they would remove that as it was probably a feature unlike the other sentry interactions like being able to use teleporters.

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I mean the thing about sentry-interaction wasn’t a feature but it wasn’t really intended so I guess it was fine they removed it (not really though -_-)

Yeah I wish they didn’t remove it

You should add cutscenes for each room. Totally not advertising this: How to make a cutscene :wink::wink:

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Easter eggs is something you should definitely add.


You could add a boss fight using @Eeveeborg’s guide. Here it is: How to make a Boss and their special attacks (4/10 or 🟨)

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Possibly a puzzle room

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