How to make a purchasable door (Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦 )

I would have added more pictures but it wouldn’t let me. sorry

if you need further info go to JoeTheChicken for another guide

so first add any prop that will cover the amount of space you need covered,

second add a vending machine and click on it to go to to options, then change Purchase Action from Grant Item to Transmit on Channel

Then change the required item to whatever you want EX: Blue Keycard
then scroll down till you see Item Visible in game change that from yes to no,

then move the vending machine right in front of your “Door” prop

then you need to add wires from the vending machine to your prop and choose Item Purchased → hide Prop

then just add a way for the player to get the item required to open your door

for my example ill use an item spawner but another good way is to use a trip wire with item granter(in one of my other guides)

then just hit start and it should work!


I like your guide! Here’s some critque:

You can’t add more pictures because you’re trust level 0.
Good job crediting another user!
When making a guide, try to write it in an easy to read way with capital letters at the start of sentences.


how do i raise my trust level

Here’s a guide:

(:loudspeaker: PSA) Trust Levels - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative


Great guide! However I don’t think that this is 5/10. It feels like a 1-3/10.

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I like the guide, but it is not a 5/10 in my opinion. Maybe a 1 or 2?

They already said that.

Oh, sorry about that.

Nice job! Also this really isn’t a 5/10, that has some serious block coding. This is more like a 1/10 or :blue_square: (I updated it).

(season pass!)

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Yeah litterly every one wishes they had that…I do too.