How to make a barrier that requires an item to deactivate! (Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦 )

how to make a barrier that deactivates and takes away something from ur innovatory

  1. lay down a vending machine, a repeater, a button, and a barrier for barrier do a devise one.
  2. make vending machine require an item but not give one, and make it transmit on channel, and make is invisible
  3. make the repeater start when getting a signal from the vending machine
  4. now make the barrier deactivate on getting a signal from the repeater
  5. now connect the button to the vending machine
    ur all set now it should take away something from ur innovatory and open the passageway.


Nice guide! A few suggestions:

  • Add some images
  • Don’t use textspeak like “ur”
  • Capitalize sentences
  • Rewrite the title to make it clear what is being made

Other than that, nice guide!

Title suggestion: How to make a barrier that requires an item to deactivate.


How does it take away something from your inventory?

the vending machine does

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is it like something random that is taken away?

thanks <00000000000000000000000000>

no you can choose what it takes away

it has to be connected to your post, and only letters go into them

Ok, i get it, nice guide!

Nice job! I suggest adding screenshots and looking over your grammar. Another thing is that this has already been made by a few people:

I added a difficulty for you, too.

(btw the <> only work if it’s letters and no spaces)

not really mine is diff

Hm, I don’t know about your mechanism (no offense). What’s the repeater for, and why do you need both a button and a vending machine? All you need is a vending machine and a barrier, with a wire connecting them.

none takin I suck at mechanism